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Increase customer loyalty, enhance your portfolio, or professionalize your interactions with your sole partner, London Capital! Discover your true potential with customized call center solutions tailored to your business.

Outbound Call Services
Connect your services or products with potential customers!
German Call Services
Don't limit your customer portfolio to Turkey! Expand to Germany and all of Europe!
Satisfaction Measurement
What do your customers think about your business? It's the perfect time to find out!

Our Services

Enhance your operations with next-generation call center services that cater to the needs of your business! Decide in which area you want service, and leave the rest to the experts at London Capital!

Marketing - Focused Services

Utilize our marketing services for solutions that will increase your business's revenue and expand your customer portfolio!

Customer Interaction Services

Prioritize interaction-focused services that will solve problems and improve the customer experience for post-sale support!

Müşteri Portföyü Yönetimi

Choose customer interaction services to demonstrate your quality to existing customers and increase their loyalty!

Why Choose London Capital?

In the outsourcing field, we implement customer relationship and call center solutions for domestic and international companies, utilizing cutting-edge management strategies. We develop custom solutions for businesses, taking into account factors like industry position, area of operation, and customer portfolio.

With locations in Turkey, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Austria, we identify the corporate solutions businesses need now and will need in the future from a global perspective. This approach allows us to invest in our clients’ future, not only today.

Would You Like to Join Our Team?

At London Capital, we aim to have an ever-evolving and expanding team. Therefore, we are looking for young and dynamic team members who will add value to our business activities. We provide a competitive advantage in global marketing, customer interactions, and customer portfolio management through our corporate activities conducted in Turkish and German. Alongside our team members, we develop modern strategies for businesses in various sectors, continuously enhancing our portfolio. Our work areas offer a broad pool of experiences for our team members.

If you have confidence in your communication skills and enjoy teamwork, you can achieve your career goals at London Capital. Briefly tell us about yourself and your work experiences through the form, and get in touch with us.

Advantages of London Capital

Enhance your business’s efficiency noticeably with the privileges offered by London Capital!

German Language Support

Take your business to Europe with our team proficient in German language and culture!

Corporate Communication

Elevate your customer relationships to the next level by entrusting call center management to London Capital!

Experienced Staff

Our years of operation have enriched our sectoral experience.

Sectoral Approach

We conduct appropriate activities in various fields, including telecommunications, automotive, and construction.

24/7 Service

Our team provides uninterrupted service, adapted to industry and working conditions.

Data Security

Your customers' data is safe with London Capital! We take measures against personal data breaches.